Viscometry Part 3: Rheological Measurements on Molasses – Official

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ICUMSA Specification and Standard SPS-5 (1994) Part 3

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Year of Publication: 1994


This specification and standard describes the detailed procedure for measuring the apparent viscosity of molasses, the basis of which was Officially adopted.

It employs the rotating cylinder principle for undertaking the rheological measurements of the molasses sample, with measurements ideally being undertaken at a number of shear rates.

The rheological properties of the molasses sample are also described in terms of the consistency and flow index, the two parameters of the Power Law model for fluid flow behaviour.

The method is applicable to all samples of molasses provided the sample is of uniform composition and exhibits consistent, time-independent flow properties.

The measured rheological properties are indicative of the flow behaviour of the sample.

However, an assessment should be made to determine if the sample contains gaseous or solid phases, e. g. fine crystals or entrapped gas, as the presence of the additional phase(s) will influence the rheological properties relative to those of the liquid phase of the molasses sample.

It would then be erroneous to assign the measured fluid flow properties to those of the chemical and physical properties of the liquid phase alone.

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ICUMSA Specification and Standard SPS-5 (1994) Part 3


online version (2 years license)