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Sugar Technology – Beet and Cane Sugar Manufacture

by Peter van der Poel, Hubert Schiweck, Tom Schwartz

The handbook presents the beet and cane sugar manufacture. The parameters influencing the economic value and the possible uses of the main product, sugar, as well as the by-products, pulp, bagasse and molasses, have been given special attention. The functional properties of sucrose in foods are discussed in detail.
Ninety-two specialists from around the world agreed to participate in this project.

Based on the chemical and physical properties of sucrose and the composition of sugar beet and sugar cane the individual process steps of sugar manufacture are described.
This handbook therefore has the following objectives:

  • to provide a tool for factory managements in day-to-day decisions
  • to help management in long-term planning
  • to focus on practical aspects
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Sugar Technology - Beet and Cane Sugar Manufacture

Sugar Technologists Manual

by Z. Bubnik, P. Kadlec, D. Urban, M. Bruhns

The Sugar Technologists Manual, formerly Zuckertechniker Taschenbuch, provides you with all available data on

  • Crystalline sucrose
  • Pure sucrose solutions
  • Technical sugar solutions
  • Mono-, di- and oligosaccharides.

Wherever necessary for practical work the  relevant algorithm is given.

The physical properties of steam and water as well as methods for calculating steam losses will help you to optimize the heat economy of a factory. The collection of sugar technological formulas will make your process control easier.

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Sugar Technologists Manual

Cane Sugar Engineering

by Peter Rein

contains useful information of a practical nature for design and/or the operation of sugar mills. Sufficient background information and theory is given for an understanding of all the practical aspects. Sources of further information are given for more theoretical background. The text is comprehensive covering all aspects of cane sugar and related operations and processes provides an up to date source of information for those involved in all aspects of cane sugar processing.

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Cane Sugar Engineering by Peter Rein

Sugar Economy


The “Blue Bible” is divided into 3 parts:

  • Statistics (World sugar production and consumption, EU, German and French production, sugar trade, beet area etc.)
  • The addresses of sugar, starch and ethanol producers, traders, organisations, and institutes in Europe and North America
  • The EU sugar market regulation, in both the complete version and in summary.
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Sugar Economy Europe 2022 - cover

Engenharia do Açúcar de Cana

de Peter Rein

apresenta informações úteis sobre os aspectos práticos do projeto e/ ou operação de usinas e o processo de extração do caldo da cana e a posterior cristalização do açúcar. A informação e as bases teóricas consideradas permitem o maior entendimento dos aspectos práticos que acompanham o trabalho diário dos engenheiros. Na presente obra também são indicadas outras fontes de informação que complementam as bases teóricas. A apresentação e a redação do texto são de fácil compreensão e cobrem todos os aspectos relacionados aos processos industriais e a produção do açúcar de cana.

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Engenharia do Açúcar de Cana

Ingeniería de la Caña de Azúcar

de Peter Rein

presenta información útil sobre aspectos prácticos del diseño y/o operación de los molinos y el proceso de extracción del jugo y la posterior cristalización del azúcar. La información y las bases teóricas consideradas permiten un mejor entendimiento de los aspectos prácticos que acompañan el trabajo diario en los ingenios. Asimismo, se indican otras fuentes de información que complementan las bases teóricas. La presentación y redacción del texto es fácil de comprender y cubre todos los aspectos relacionados con los procesos industriales en la producción del azúcar de caña.

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Ingenieria de la cana de azucar

Good Management Practices for the Cane Sugar Industry

offers contemporary guidelines for good management practices in the cultivation of sugarcane and production of cane sugar and ethanol. This fine book is an ideal resource for agronomists, soil scientists, extension agents, sugar technologists, engineers, consultants, human-resource personnel and specialists in the fields of teaching and technical assistance.

The book’s twenty-one chapters are organized into three sections: Fourteen chapters cover topics in agricultural management ranging from crop establishment to harvesting. Three chapters are devoted to topics having to do with processing, co-product and effluent management. Four chapters cover social development, community and outgrower topics.

Wherever possible, the authors of Good Management Practices have adopted the values of sustainability, ensuring that any recommended management practices comply with the tenets of today’s triple bottom line:

  • Ensuring profitable production while maintaining and improving production resources;
  • Minimizing or avoiding detrimental impacts to the environment, both on- and off-site; and
  • Ensuring that production takes place in a socially equitable environment.
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Good Management Practice for the Cane Sugar Industry