SUGAR INDUSTRY is the largest-circulation international journal for the beet, cane sugar, starch and biofuels industries. With a monthly print run of up to 2,200 copies and its over 10,000 readers in more than 80 countries around the world, it is the largest trade journal in its field. In addition to the print edition, SUGAR INDUSTRY is also available as ePaper and presents on its website:

  • up-to-date news,
  • a comprehensive database of technical articles,
  • statistics,
  • a directory of sugar factories in Europa and North America,
  • and a Buyer’s Guide for the sugar, bioethanol and starch industry

Furthermore, a free SUGAR INDUSTRY newsletter is published regularly.

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ZSB Buyers Guide

The ZSB Buyers Guide is the most widely circulated international buyers guide for the sugar, starch and biofuel industries. Worldwide, the ZSB Buyers Guide is distributed in 6 languages across 80 countries. This offers you and your company direct access to your counterparts and other decision-makers in our industry

We present

  • a digital version on our website with a direct link to the companies own websites
  • a printed version with a circulation of more than 4800 copies and as supplement to the SUGAR INDUSTRY Journal in March and September, and presenting the ZSB Buyers Guide at the 15 most important international conferences and trade fairs every year
  • and as ePaper.

It is easy to get listed:

  1. Download the  ZSB Buyers Guide keyword list
  2. Mark the key words, under which you want to be listed
  3. Send it together with your companies address by email to our advertising agent

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The yearbook ZUCKERWIRTSCHAFT / SUGAR ECONOMY / ECONOMY SUCRIERE answers all the important questions when it comes to the Sugar, Starch, and Bio-ethanol industry.

It is available as

  • two separate printed editions (one for Europe in English, French, and German, and one for North America)
  • an ePaper version.

The decision-makers of the international Sugar, Starch, and Bioethanol industry use it throughout the entire year.

You can download here the rate card

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