Sugar Industry Directory

The most comprehensive world-wide directory of sugar factories

contains more than:

  • 900 cane sugar factories
  • 370 beet sugar factories
  • 110 sugar refineries
  • 170 company headquarters

in 120 countries (including some in Brazil and India)


The factories are listed by their company names and the locations are shown on Google Maps. Detailed information can be found on the individual factory pages. These include all available data such as address, website, email, factory type, processing capacity, management, year of construction, etc.

In addition, the directory shows all news published in Sugar Industry about the factory/company in question.
The individual factories of companies with multiple plants are shown as linked to the company’s headquarters. The structure of multinational sugar companies is also accessible.


Search and filter functions:

Factories can be searched through a full text search function or filtered by country and/or type of factory.

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