Sugar Technologists Manual

by Z. Bubnik, P. Kadlec, D. Urban, M. Bruhns


The Sugar Technologists Manual, formerly Zuckertechniker Taschenbuch, provides you with all available data on

  • Crystalline sucrose
  • Pure sucrose solutions
  • Technical sugar solutions
  • Mono-, di- and oligosaccharides.

Wherever necessary for practical work the relevant algorithm is given.

The physical properties of steam and water as well as methods for calculating steam losses will help you to optimize the heat economy of a factory. The collection of sugar technological formulas will make your process control easier.


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Sugar Technologists Manual

Sugar Technologists Manual is your practical tool, indispensable for calculations in the

  • Laboratory,
  • Process control
  • Technical sugar solutions
  • Engineering and design.

8th edition formerly Zuckertechniker-Taschenbuch

416 pages, 243 tables, 62 figures and diagrams, 45 algorithms, 60 formulas,

ISBN 978-3-87040-056-9



1 General
1.1 Mathematics
1.2 Quantities and units

2 Physics and chemistry
2.1 Physics
2.2 Chemistry
2.3 Process engineering

3 Saccharides and their solutions
3.1 Saccharides

  • Sucrose
  • Mono-, di- and oligosaccharides:
  • Sugar alcohols

3.2 Solutions of pure saccharides

  • Solubility of saccharides
  • Pure sucrose solutions
  • Saccharide solutions other than sucrose

3.3 Solubility of salts and gases in sucrose solutions
3.4 Technical sugar solutions

  • Physical properties
  • Saturated solutions
  • Supersaturated solutions
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Color
  • Sucrose hydrolysis

3.5 Crystal suspensions/ massecuites
3.6 Saccharides and sweeteners

4 Heat engineering
4.1 Fundamentals

  • Thermodynamic properties
  • Thermodynamic functions

4.2 Steam properties
4.3 Boiler operation
4.4 Steam utilization

5 Process control formulas

6 Appendix (in German)