Solubility of Sucrose in Water – Official

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ICUMSA Specification and Standard SPS-2 (1998)

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Year of Publication: 1998


The solubility Table presented here refers to the solubility of pure sucrose in the monoclinic, macrocrystalline form in pure water under normal pressure.

The solubility Table is to be exclusively applied to sucrose solutions in pure water.

The influence of different non-sucrose compounds (non-sugars) on the variation of sucrose solubility in water is not considered.

The temperature range to be taken into consideration is from –13 °C to +100 °C.

Such a Table can be utilised both for the preparation of sucrose solutions in pure water having at a given temperature a precise saturation, supersaturation or undersaturation value, and for judging if a sucrose solution in pure water is saturated, supersaturated or undersaturated at a given temperature.

The Table can be utilised for the growing or dissolution of sucrose crystals and for the measurement of sucrose crystal growth kinetics in pure solutions.

Moreover, it can be utilised for the evaluation of the effect of non-sugars (either single or as a mixture) on the sugar solubility. From the industrial point of view, it can be used for the evaluation of the “saturation functions” depending upon the non-sugar concentration.

For these more complex considerations a standard work such as the “Sugar Technologists Manual” may need to be consulted.

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ICUMSA Specification and Standard SPS-2 (1998)


online version (2 years license)