Sampling of Sugar Cane by the Corer Method

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ICUMSA Specification and Standard SPS-14 (2022)

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Year of Publication: 2022


This Specification and Standard is used for taking a sample of sugar cane from the consignment in the delivery vehicle. It should be noted that under routine application involving one to three cores per cane load, the precision of the analytical results obtained via the core sampler is lower than that obtained with the full width hatch sampler. The corer has been developed, applied and evaluated for the sampling of whole stalk cane. Its suitability for chopper harvested cane has still to be assessed. In tests conducted on whole stalk cane using an overhead-type core sampler at an angle of 45° to the horizontal coring to within 400 mm of the floor of the vehicle, taking 3 cores per 18 t load. The repeatability of the core sampler in the determination of polarimetric sucrose content of cane and fibre content of cane was 3.11 °Z and 5.60 g/100 g respectively.

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ICUMSA Specification and Standard SPS-14 (2022)


online version (2 years license)