Application of carbonation lime on high pH soils in the Pannonian region of Austria

Josef Wasner; Peter Liebhard ;Herbert Eigner

The effect on yield as well as on chemical and physical soil conditions of elevated applications over several years of carbonation lime (0, 75, 150, 300 t/ha) was investigated in soils of high pH value. Neither yields nor contents of the most important macro- and micronutrients were affected by the rising quantities of carbonation lime. The pH of the topsoil was raised slightly only in the case of a natural lime content of less than 0.5%. The levels of phosphorus and exchangeable magnesium in the soil increased. With applications of carbonation lime exceeding 150 t/ha, the amounts of iron and manganese available to plants declined. Levels of copper, zinc and boron remained unchanged. Application of carbonation lime improved hydraulic conductivity and penetrability, and there was greater root development. At the conventional level of carbonation lime application of about 10 t/ha per crop rotation, no detrimental effect on plant growth or harvested product quality is to be expected even in soils of high lime content.

Year: 2001
Volume: 126
No.: 3
Page: 194-201

Language: de

pdf download: 2001-194-201.pdf