Optimization of a batch centrifuge station

In the sugar house process steps working batchwise and continuously are combined one after the other. One of these batch-processes is a discontinuous centrifuge station. A newly developed approach to optimize the operation of a batch centrifuge station is described. Moreover, particular attention is paid to the electrical current flow to the centrifuges’ drives. Starting all centrifuges at the same time would lead to unfavorable current peaks on the electrical supply of the centrifuges. On the discharge side of the centrifuges the new automation solutions takes care of a proper separation of the sugar charges coming from different centrifuges, in order to assign them correctly to a common color measurement at the end of the conveyor belt. The new NAHMAT centrifuge master control was developed by Siemens AG food and beverage automation solutions department and has been tested in cooperation with the Südzucker sugar factory Rain am Lech. A detailed overview of the implemented automation and the achieved results is presented.

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