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Saniter®Beta, the “green” alternative biocides for the production of organic sugar

One of the most important phases of beet sugar manufacture is extraction. During this step, sugar losses can occur due to microbial activity. By limiting microbial activity, the final sugar yield is increased. Microbial activity could be suppressed by disinfecting agents are added to this process stage. In case of organic sugar production, it is necessary to comply with the requirements of Reg. (EC) N°889/2008. For sugar manufacturing, only the following additives are allowed: hop extract or colophony extract (also called rosin acids).

In 2020, laboratory tests have been conducted by NCR Biochemical with a new water-based additive: Saniter®BetaC (20% colophony as active principle). The good results obtained prompted NCR Biochemical to propose an industrial test for the 2021 sugar campaign, experimenting the use of the latter product and the Saniter®BetaHC (colophony + hop extract as active principles).

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