Processing deteriorated beet. Part 2: Preventive and process measures

This paper describes the different methodologies which can be used to deal with the technological impact of deteriorated beet on processing. The procedure developed by EU sugar beet research institutes to protect long-term stored beet against the outside weather conditions is considered a necessary preventive measure to limit beet deterioration. In addition, a wide range of process measures is available to handle incoming deteriorated beet material in beet sugar manufacture. The specific dextran processing problems associated with frost-damaged beet cannot normally be solved by the usual process measures and require the addition of the rather expensive enzyme dextranase. A few alternative processes which could either improve or even enable the processing of deteriorated beet are briefly discussed. The financial consequences of processing deteriorate beet on the manufacturing costs of white sugar are outlined. Finally, the point is explained at which processing of very badly affected beet is supposed to be technologically as well as economically unacceptable.

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