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Technological aspects of the beet yard operation

Jan Maarten de Bruijn;

The beet yard operation comprises the handling of sugar beets after they are received on site up to the beet hopper. It is not intended here to present a detailed description of all the individual steps involved, but rather to focus on the main technological objectives of the beet yard operation: sufficient removal of soil from the beets while limiting the associated (unavoidable) sugar loss as much as possible.

Parameters considered are:

– Washing requirements for beets from heavy (clay) soil versus beets with easy to remove light (sandy) soil;

– On site beet storage, as well as dry or wet beet intake;

– Sugar losses in different steps of beet washing and impact of retention time;

– Residual soil adhering to the beets after washing and HCl-insoluble ash in pulp.


Year: 2020
Volume: 145
No.: 4
Page: 214-219

Language: ENG

pdf download: 2020-214-219.pdf