Econometric and simulation model of a sugar factory

Ludvík Budíèek; Miloslava Šourková; Jitka Kaèánová

A computer model of a processing plant has been composed on a personal computer with Windows® 95 in the spreadsheet application MS Excel® 97. A sugar factory with a slice rate of 6000 t beet per day serves as an example and data source for model adjustments. The model uses a system of “black boxes”. Each box represents an area, working unit or station. Each intermediate product leaving a box is defined by its mass flow, unit price and technological properties. The intermediate products become entries into the subsequent boxes, together with the necessary processing aids and energy flows (steam, vapors, condensates, water) and processing costs. The following data are presented: total assets in the box and corresponding depreciation, maintenance material, wages for operation and maintenance, electricity consumption and a share of factory overheads appropriate for the box concerned. The model simulates the sugar factory operation so that it calculates the intermediate products leaving according to their quantity, quality and price of products entering using mathematical formulas and empirical sugar relationships. One of the results is gross profit for an ideal economic year.

Year: 1999
Volume: 124
No.: 11
Page: 863-873

Language: de

pdf download: 1999-863-873.pdf