Crystallization with double-effect evaporation: Successful combination of evaporating crystallization and mechanical engineering

Jürgen, Tschersich

This paper describes the concept of crystallization with double-effect evaporation, put into practice in the Klein Wanzleben factory of Zuckerverbund Magdeburg and the Nordkristall Güstrow factory of the Uelzen-Braunschweig sugar company. It discusses, from the viewpoint of the equipment designer and manufacturer, the planning and fabricating activities involved in the technical implementation of the concept. Details are given of the special features of steam and vapour management, pressure control, condensation and condensate discharge, as well as the requirements regarding conditioning of the feed and degassing of the heating chamber. The overall conclusion is that employment of continuous evaporating crystallization towers made possible the successful realization of the energy-saving combination of crystallization with double-effect evaporation.


Year: 1996
Volume: 121
No.: 4
Page: 231-236

Language: de

pdf download: 1996-231-236.pdf