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First experiences with a chromatographic molasses desugarizing plant

Ewald, Seidelmann;

The Austrian Agrana sugar company has replaced its conventional effluent-producing ion exchange processes, designed to increase yield, by a modern, virtually effluent-free process, molasses desugarizing by chromatographic means, thereby contributing substantially to envirorimental protection. The facility, comprising molasses treatment, the chromatographic separation plant itself, a seven-effect evaporator station, evaporating crystallizer, and various auxiliary installations, including a cogeneration power plant to generate steam and electricity, was built starting in December 1992 in the Agrana’s Tulln factory and came on stream in spring 1994. The article describes the separation process itself and the various plant components, and how the problems encountered were overcome. It presents the results of the first two operating periods, compared against the rated or guaranteed values of the manufacturer. With some exceptions relating to the quality of the sugar-rich fraction, the performance target was already reached in the second year.

Year: 1997
Volume: 122
No.: 1
Page: 13-21

Language: de

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