Properties of ethanol and ethanol-water solutions – Tables and Equations

Pavel Kadlec; Svatopluk Henke; Zdenek Bubník

This paper deals with the physico-chemical properties of ethanol and ethanol-water solutions. The data of ethanol properties and its water solutions, which were obtained from literature, are presented in the form of Equations and Tables.Extended properties include data for pure ethanol (density, vapor pressure, surface tension, viscosity, molar and specific heat capacity, enthalpy of evaporation, thermal conductivity and static relative permittivity) and tabled data for ethanol-water solutions (0–100% ethanol) as well: concentrative properties, surface tension and thermal conductivity at20 °C, density, viscosity, boiling point and equilibrium liquid-vapor at normal pressure.

Year: 2010
Volume: 135
No.: 10
Page: 607-613

Language: en

pdf download: 2010-607-613.pdf