The Determination of Sugar Solution Colour at pH7.0 by the MOPS Buffer Method – Official (Reference)

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ICUMSA Method GS9/1/2/3-8 (2011)

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Year of Publication: 2011


Sugar Solution Colour is determined by measurement of the absorbance of light of defined wavelength passing through a layer of sugar solution of defined mass concentration and thickness.

The method can be applied to raw sugars, affined raw sugars, white sugars and plantation white sugars provided that a filtered solution can be prepared by the procedure specified in the method. The method is designed for all sugars in the solution colour range up to 16 000 ICUMSA Units (IU) at pH 7.0.

This method is designated the ICUMSA Official (Reference) method. This is the method that ICUMSA recommends for the Determination of Colour of Sugars in any case of dispute.

However, for White Sugar colour it should be noted that Method GS2/3-10 gives equivalent results to this method up to a maximum value of 50 IU.

Precision data in terms of Repeatability and Reproducibility for sugars with solution colour in the range of 50 to 5000 ICUMSA Units (IU) at pH 7.0 are given in the table below.

The precision for higher colour sugars has not been determined.

Colour range (IU) 95% Repeatability r  95% Reproducibility R
50 to 200 9 18
200 to 500 23 68
500 to 1200 48 140
1200 to 2500 210 320
2500 to 5000 220 530

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ICUMSA Method GS9/1/2/3-8 (2011)


online version (2 years license)