The fractal pack: New equipment for ion exchange operations in the sugar industry

The fractal pack is a new patented ion exchange configuration that is conceptually similar to a plate and frame filter press and contains a number of ion exchange plates held within a frame. With bed depths as shallow as 3 to 24 inches, this ion exchange system design results in a substantial reduction in capital cost by delivering the following benefits: compact equipment, modularity (by easy addition or removal of resin chambers from the existing frame), inexpensive capacity expansion / reduction and reduced installation costs. Furthermore, the capital and operating costs benefit from reductions in cycle times (and hence reduced resin fouling), regenerant use (and hence reduced chemical consumption and waste production), pressure drop, water consumption and product dilution. Increased resin loadings and longer life may also be possible. The plates are manufactured from corrosion resistant materials, making it possible to use aggressive resin regeneration chemicals if necessary.

Testing has been carried out on both a small pilot / bench scale as well as a large pilot scale for several potential applications across a range of industries. In the sugar industry, successful performance has been demonstrated in the decolorization and softening of juice and syrups. Experimental work at various scales has confirmed that performance is maintained on scale-up to fractal pack plates of full industrial size.

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