The 1995/96 campaign in Germany and new technological developments

Klaus, Buchholz; Martin, Bruhns

Beet production and yields – Composition of molasses – Frostdamaged beets – HP 4000 pulp press – Gypsum dosage in dewatering – Dewatering at high pressure – Deposits, precipitates, and incrustations in evaporation and crystallization stations – Thick juice storage – Anaerobic fluid bed reactor: startup and mode of operation – Startup of aerobic plant -Monitoring and balancing waste heat utilization – Scale formation on heating surfaces, cleaning effect – Evaporating drier – 24-hour capacity test – Crystallization withough runoff recycling and after-product affination – Afterproduct syrup colour – Magma streams – Crystallization metrology – Ultrasound timing method – Sound velocity in sugar solutions and suspensions – New measuring methods – Raising energy efficiency to protect the climate – Sugar industry commitment – Climatic changes and forecasts – German climate protection policy – Heat utilization regulation – Savings target of the sugar industry – Fuel use of pressed pulp


Year: 1996
Volume: 121
No.: 5
Page: 305-326

Language: de

pdf download: 1996-305-326.pdf