Sugar factories and advancing urbanization: Planning regulation issues and possible remedies

Martin Dippel

Sugar factories are potentially a source of emissions and are subject to approval under emission regulations. This can create difficulties if a real estate development entitled to protection (e.g. a residential development) comes too close to a sugar factory. This article looks at such situations. After laying out the problems involved, it describes the movements under planning regulations signalling advancing real estate development and how they may be recognized by a sugar factory operator. This leads to a discussion of the legal position of the sugar factory operator in the face of advancing real estate development. There follows a description of the practical steps that can be taken to safeguard the site, both to the end of warding off advancing real estate development and for the precautionary assertion of the security of a sugar factory site. A concluding section offers concrete practical recommendations as to how negative tendencies affecting the site of a sugar factory may be recognized and countered as early as possible.

Year: 1999
Volume: 124
No.: 4
Page: 295-301

Language: de

pdf download: 1999-295-301.pdf