Fly ash briquette production and its application as a fuel in the lime kiln of Tasikmadu sugar factory

Toto Martoyo; Umar Hawari; Bambang Eddy Santoso

Indonesia’s Tasikmadu sugar factory reuses fly ash in briquettes as fuel in the lime kiln to produce the lime and CO2 required for cane juice purification. The briquettes made of anthracite/fly ash/molasses (mass distribution 55:35:10), mold in a cylindrical matrix before carbonization in a furnace at a temperature of 500–550 °C. The briquettes partially substitute for coke, the fuel normally used in the lime kiln. Use of the mixture (coke/briquettes) does not affect either the production of CO2 or the quality of lime but even increased the capacity of the kiln. Advantages of the reuse of fly ash as fuel in the sugar factory are described.


Year: 2001
Volume: 126
No.: 8
Page: 626-629

Language: en

pdf download: 2001-626-629.pdf