Sucrotech, BMA’s key partner in the South African Sugar Industry

Based in Durban, South Africa, the company was founded in 1973, initially mainly to serve the sugar industry later accepting the agency for BMA Germany.

Coming from an engineering background within the sugar industry, the current directors bought into Sucrotech in 1997. The company has expanded to not only supply equipment but to service the equipment supplied by BMA, with a specific focus on sugar separation.

Workshop maintenance on an E1810 centrifugal

Sucrotech has developed over the years, building its own machine workshop with overhead cranage and large balancing facilities to add more local value in the serving of the industry.

The servicing and promotion of BMA products in southern Africa is our priority, so keeping an inventory of BMA spare parts and OEM consumables is the obligation that Sucrotech has undertaken to ensure that we can be classed as a serious service and supply company to the industry.

With this obligation comes the financial cost of safe keeping of the varied range of component parts for the different series and models of machines in southern Africa.

Focus on keeping technology alive

Times are changing, and with experienced people leaving the sugar factories, technical and operational skills tend to be lost, not only in South Africa but worldwide. We are determined, therefore, to focus on safeguarding and continuously developing Sucrotech’s knowhow.

Komati Mill: a new E1810 centrifugal installation

Since the current directors took over in 1997 Sucrotech has trained numerous technicians that can serve the industry by operating and carrying out maintenance on the centrifugal machines.

Our current technical workforce is made up of management, senior technicians, and junior trainees, who can assist in troubleshooting, coaching, also with the in-house and on-site centrifugal repairs.

The long work-relationship of Sucrotech’s technical team allows us to provide our customers with precise servicing now and in the future.

To maintain this expertise, Sucrotech is engaging in a five-year skills development program, so the current service ability is maintained and enhanced as new technological changes are made to the industry’s process equipment.

Expanding to offer a holistic approach

Sucrotech has formed alliances with other technology companies, over the years, to increase the diversity of its operations to include electrical and automation systems. This allows us to assist in all aspects of sugar production machinery in crystal separation.

Together with our partners and preferential suppliers we can undertake equipment supply, complete projects, servicing, and training in the southern African region. We are large enough to undertake projects but small enough to care and have personal contact with our clients.

The Sucrotech team

Sucrotech has also recently expanded by bringing a large engineering machining workshop into its portfolio. Cimex Engineering was assessed and is being modernized with CNC machines, including upgrades of the older heavy lathes and floor borers. Although the workshop carries out work in all industries in the region, it also undertakes a large proportion of sugar equipment machining.

The industry’s future

New owners coming into the industry have again made us look at what the future holds for the local sugar industry. Inevitably, the industry must focus on energy savings to reduce production costs, in order to stay competitive and stave off sugar imports into the region. This together with co-generation and secondary products such as ethanol must become part of the sugar industry in the not too distant future.

E1810 station Mhlume Eswatini

Sucrotech together with BMA’s ‘Passion for Progress’ and with the continued research into technology enhancement, will be part of this revolution, which can ensure the industry’s sustainability going forward.

Becoming more focused on technological advancement in both process technology and equipment are relevant factors. Sucrotech is ready to provide support by undertaking studies and developing plans that will lead the southern African sugar industry forward on its path of “Rationalization to Exist and Grow.”

For further information visit Sucrotech’s and BMA’s websites.