New Distamat technology increases energy efficiency of pellet mills

Since the mid-1920s, Amandus Kahl has been developing pellet mills for a wide range of applications. The constant gap between the pan grinder rollers and the die is of decisive importance for the pellet quality. With the new Distamat technology, Amandus Kahl ensures exactly these parameters and thus increases the degree of automation as well as the stabilisation of all processes and improves the overall quality assurance. The Distamat enables a continuously adjustable and constant roller gap – during ongoing operation. Time-consuming readjustment and checking of the roller gap is no longer necessary.

The Distamat achieves these advantages through a sophisticated measuring process: After a zero point assignment between the pellet mill and the measuring cylinder, the system determines the gap between the pan grinder rollers and the die. The displacement of the pan grinder head causes the measuring cylinder to shift accordingly. This displacement is measured and calibrated as a signal in millimetres. The Distamat thus keeps the gap between the pan grinder rollers and the die constant according to a predefined setpoint – regardless of the product quantity to be processed. With this, Amandus Kahl fulfils an essential prerequisite for the quality of the pellets and stable operation.

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Gregor Reiche01.10.2023