ICUMSA Post-Congress Tour at Anton Paar in Graz

After the 35th ICUMSA® conference was held in Vienna, Anton Paar GmbH invited the participants to visit its headquarters in Graz, Austria. More than 30 participants accepted the offer and joined the tour. They learned more about Anton Paar’s production facilities and product portfolio. Anton Paar is a leading provider of analytical equipment and solutions for breweries. The company has its own fully automatic pilot brewery in its restaurant, where the evening reception for the participants took place. The next day, the participants visited production facilities in Graz and were shown a wide variety of analytical instruments and automated systems.

Anton Paar develops, produces, and distributes highly accurate laboratory instruments and process measuring systems, and provides standardized and customized automation and robotic solutions. It is also one of the major producers of polarimeters and refractometers globally. It is a world leader in developing instruments for density and concentration measurement, rheometry, material characterization, and the determination of dissolved CO2.

The Anton Paar Group operates in more than 110 countries and has 35 sales subsidiaries and nine producing firms in Europe and the USA. More than 4,000 employees in a worldwide network spanning research and development, production, sales, and support are responsible for the quality, reliability, and service of products made by Anton Paar. Since 2003, the Charitable Santner Foundation has been the owner of Anton Paar. It is dedicated exclusively and directly to charitable purposes.

Betalyser – Perfect your sugar beet reception every day

The Anton Paar Betalyser, an automated laboratory system for the quality control and analysis of sugar beet, is the ideal solution for analyzing the clarified extracted sugar beet brei filtrate certain ingredients – i.e., sugar, sodium, potassium, and α-amino nitrogen – in compliance with the corresponding ICUMSA* methods. It calculates the sugar yield, molasses sugar content, and alkalinity, and helps sugar factories as well as seed growers determine the true value of sugar beet.

Anton Paar Betalyser

Flexibility for years to come

Betalyser is capable of analyzing lead-clarified and aluminum-clarified beet brei filtrates or filtrates clarified by other methods. This ensures the Betalyser can be used independently of the clarifying agent even if the clarifier in the future changes.

Unmatched sample throughput

With Betalyser, several thousand samples per day can be measured at a measuring speed of 30 seconds per sample with limited manpower. Thus the Betalyser keeps pace with the speed of an automated sample preparation system. Additionally, it will push downtimes close to zero thanks to the long-life LED light source of the MCP Sucromat saccharimeter.

Elimination of human error

All instruments are connected to a PC with installed Beetlab software to control the analysis cycle, record data, and calculate the expected sugar yield. Only minimal user interaction is required.

Setup based on your needsAnton Paar Headquarters Graz, Austria

Betalyser works as a stand-alone system or can be integrated into automated mix/filtration tracks. Even data exchange with your existing PLC* or process control system is possible.

Simplicity at every step

Sugar beet reception laboratories often work with seasonal staff. The Betalyser controlling Beetlab software takes the lead and guides the operator with clear and understandable messages displayed on the computer screen. On the instrument, all parts the operator needs to access are located on the front, which allows fast replacement and cleaning during the campaign – ensuring the shortest downtime.

Anton Paar GmbH

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Jürgen Bruhns04.07.2023