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picture of javier prieto in a sugar beet field

Acor campaign to start on October 4

The Acor cooperative announced it will start receiving beet at its Olmedo sugar factory on October 4. For this campaign, Acor contracted 11,459 ha in all the provinces of Castile and León. In 2020/21, beet was harvested from 10,320 ha of the 10,480 ha of land contracted throughout the autonomous region. The largest percentage is in Valladolid (36% of the total), but the number of ha planted in Avila, Burgos and Palencia also stands out. The crop is in very good health conditions and that “allow us to be optimistic about reaching last year’s historical yield, which stood at 109 t/ha, despite the first samples collected in the field showed a slightly lower polarization,” the cooperative said in a statement.

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Daniel Mosseri24.09.2021