lime kiln tower in carlow

Carlow’s old lime kiln listed as protected site

The lime kiln of the former sugar factory of Carlow (the county town of County Carlow, in the south-east of Ireland) shall not be destroyed as it has been added to a list of protected structures in the country. The final decision to protect the iconic tower has been made by the county’s Councillors, local media reported. County Councillor and Carlow’s former mayor Fergal Browne underlined the tower is the last reminder of the sugar beet industry in Carlow: “Either Greencore who own the site currently, or whoever might buy the site in the future will have to maintain the structure and possibly come to the table with proposals to develop the site, with a view in my opinion to keeping the memory of the sugar factory alive,” he was reported as saying.

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Daniel Mosseri16.02.2022