Unica: Until mid-June, CS produced 8% more cane, 57% more sugar


Unica (Union of Sugarcane Industries) has said that from the beginning of sugar year 2020/21 (April-March) until June 16, milling reached 186.57 mn in Center South Brazil, a growth of 8.77% compared to the same period of the last agricultural cycle. In the period, sugar production reached 10.57 mn t compared to 6.72 mn year-on-year. “Sugar production has grown around 57% so far, as a result of greater milling, better raw material quality, low demand for ethanol in the domestic market and more remunerative prices for the sweetener,” said Antonio de Padua Rodrigues, technical director at Unica. From the beginning of the harvest to June 16, the accumulated TRS reached 128.75 kg/t, up 6.17% over the 2019/20 harvest.

Year: 2020
Volume: 145

Language: ENG


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