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COD balances as a tool in the wastewater management of sugar factories

R. de Vletter; E. Wind;

The authors report about practical experiences with the COD balance as a tool for optimization. For sugar factory wastes, this value represents a true measure of the organic pollution. It can be brought into relation with the sugar lost in the water anywhere in the system. This is the input side of the COD balance. The output side is formed by the degradation of organic material in anaerobic or aerobic ponds or tanks, as well as by the effluent streams leaving the system.

The difference between input and output remains in the system and causes a regular rise in concentration. A COD balance is made up from measurements of flow and COD concentration at various points in the circuit.

A complete COD balance will provide the following figures :

– sugar loss in waste water (input)

– the amount of organic material degraded, drained off or remaining in the system.

– the progress in concentration of organic material in the recirculation water during the campaign.

A day to day balance throughout the campaign can be simulated on a small computer. Repeated simulations at different input variables provide a picture of the optimum working conditions.


Proceedings: CITS 1975
Page: 515–524

Language: ENG

pdf download: CITS1975-515-524.pdf