Pneumatic sugar handling

Peter-Dirk Bergerhoff

Commercial sugars are so far rarely handled pneumatically. However, a number of conveyor jobs are more economically done with pneumatic systems than with conventional handling techniques. Among pneumatic transport systems, “slow conveyors” are of particular interest since with them little product wastage is to be expected. For this reason, the pulsating transport method was thoroughly investigated. Characteristic for this method is that the product is moved at a very low velocity in the form of a solid plug, which limits product wastage to the sides of the plug next to the pipeline walls and therefore to a very small amount. Good results were obtained in several tests, particularly against a comparable conveyor job with conventional technology. Product wastage was at a similar level as with handling by bucket and trough-shaped belt conveyors. Plug movement is to be regarded as an interesting option for the solution of special handling problems which entail very high costs with conventional techniques.

Year: 2000
Volume: 125
No.: 6
Page: 436-439

Language: de

pdf download: 2000-436-439.pdf