Different industrial applications of continuous chromatography both in the sugar industry and for the production of by-products

Dominique Paillat; Michel Cotillon

Applexion, a French process engineering company, founded in 1968, promotes innovative separation technologies worldwide, specializing in sugar applications. Proprietary and continuous chromatographic separation systems are the major areas of development work dedicated to purification and/or separation of sugar containing solutions (molasses desugarization, polyol separation, fructose/maltose/glucose enrichment…). This presentation discusses the various applications of such chromatographic separators with typical design process parameters and associated performances. It also introduces as a derivation of this technology, continuous ion-exchange/refining systems. The latter option may be considered in several cases as a reasonable alternative or complement to more classical semi-continuous systems, particularly for heavily loaded products or high production capacity plants, providing possible water and chemical savings.

Year: 2000
Volume: 125
No.: 1
Page: 47-51

Language: en

pdf download: 2000-47-51.pdf