E. Reinefeld; K.-M. Bliesener; M. Palm; J. Müller;

After separation of the major amount of sucrose (crystallization in methanol solution, kieselguhr column), in raw juices, thick juices and molasses as well as in beet press juice, besides the hexose constituents of invert sugar the following monosaccharides have been detected and separated by means of preparative thin layer chromatography: glycerol aldehyde, rhamnose, ribose, fucose, xylose, ara- binose and galactose. The amino acid deoxyfructoses, 13 of which have been identified, have been separated by means of thin layer chromatography on cellulose powder. In spite of the considerable number of monosaccharides found, their contribution to reducing substances is small because of the very low concentration. In raw juices the reducing substances consist nearly completely of invert sugar. In the examined thick juices and molasses the mean amount of invert was only 69 and 75 % of the reducing substances. In this case the remainder consists chiefly in reducing substances which may be separated, according to Carruthers and coworkers, by means of ion exchangers. These reducing substances comprise the amino acid deoxyfructose. The contribution of the higher molecular melanoidines to the reducing value is also low. It is not possible that reducing substances not yet detected are present in high concentration


Proceedings: CITS 1971
Page: 503–521

Language: GER

pdf download: CITS1971-503-521.pdf