Helena Zaorska;

In order to raise the purity of juice and increase the amount of non-sugars removed’, the conventional method of purification by repeated defecation and carbonatation may be followed by purification and decolorization by suitable adsorbants. Research was carried out on the purification and decolorization of juice by the unusual method of many columns in counter-current using activated carbon Carpobol-Z-extra of 3 mm to 8 mm grain size.

In 10 consecutive tests 30 ltr portions of thin juice were decolorized before evaporation by the use of 80 g of dry substance of active carbon. In certain series of tests, thin juice containing 50 mg CaO/100° Bx, juice containing about 100 mg CaO/100o Bx and thin juice decalcified by the new ammoniac method and containing about 20 mg CaO/100° Bx were used.

The results of the tests proved’ that for a slight decrease of pH and a certain increase of the amount of invert sugar, the removal of about 8 % of all the non- sugars is obtained, which increases the purity of juice by over 0,5 – that is to about 94,2. In all experiments 80 % of coloured bodies and a certain amount of ash were removed. A definite decrease of the amount of calcium salts in the juice was observed.


Proceedings: CITS 1971
Page: 361–371

Language: GER

pdf download: CITS1971-361-371.pdf