J. Vasatko; A. Dandar;

In our work we have dealt with the influence of CaCOs on the coagulation of organic non-sugar substances of sugar beet juice. To verify our findings, experiments were also carried out in a model system of sugar beet juice. The results thus obtained were compared with the coagulation results where instead of CaCOs we usecF AkOs of a similar grainsize as CaC03.

From these results evolves that CaCOs has a favourable influence on the coagulation of colloids in proportion to its amount present in the juice. The question of a solubilisation of CaCOs, by which an improved coagulation could be explained, was not confirmed. The hypothesis that the presence of CaCOs has a direct influence on the qualitative change of sugar beet colloids will require solution by further experiments in this direction.

The results of our experiments have clearly confirmed the importance of recirculation by the saturation of calcium carbonate formed, into diffusion juice which also improves substantially the purifying effect.


Proceedings: CITS 1971
Page: 91–107

Language: GER

pdf download: CITS1971-91-107.pdf