V. Prey; H. Wesner;

In this publication we tried to investigate the influence of different groups of browning products on the colour of sugar solutions. This colour is an indication for the sugar quality.

Alkaline decomposition products remain for the most part in the solution and are preferably adsorbed at the surface of crystals. Only a small part is incorporated in the saccharose crystal.

According to the amino-component the melanoidins are differently incorporated in the sugars, preferably in the center of the crystal. These compounds mainly contribute to the colour of sugar solutions. The presence of caramel compounds may influence the colour of the solution. But they are rare and are mainly found on the surface of crystals. They have only a very small tendency to infiltrate into the crystal.

An amelioration of the quality of sugar can be obtained by intensive washing if the colour is due to alkaline decomposition products and caramel compounds. In the presence of melanoidins, no amelioration was obtained by washing.


Proceedings: CITS 1975
Page: 569–584

Language: GER

pdf download: CITS1975-569-584.pdf