Hans Hartl;

The non-sugar building in the beets starts practically when planting beets. By means of the sugar content and the K~^~, Na~^~ and a-aminonitrogen content, one can now determine the “technological value” of the beet. The amount of non-sugars introduced into the plant through the beets will be decisive for the sugar extraction and so for the profitability of the factory.

In the area of Tulln the quality of the beets of the whole of the planters has been determined since 1969. So it became possible to show the influence of the nitrogen fertilizing on the sugar content and on the quality. By advising adequately the beet planters one has, in the period 1969-1974, increased the sugar content and the juice purity, without decreasing the yield per acre.

Nitrogen fertilizer however isn’t the only factor which influences the quality. One has also to instruct extensively the farmers about the vegetation of the beets. Since 1974 a soil-laboratory has started, which should be considered as a prototype for its analytical methods.

The soil samples are analysed along an electro-ultrafiltration method (EUF), which actually relates to a programmed aqueous extraction. When this method will have been thoroughly tested, the beet planters can be appropriately advised.


Proceedings: CITS 1975
Page: 557–567

Language: GER

pdf download: CITS1975-557-567.pdf