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Russia – World’s leading importer forever?

Sergey Gudoshnikov; Senior Economist; ISO London;

In the late 1990s Russia consistently imported more than 5 mn tonnes a year. Russia currently represents the largest destination for the sugar traded internationally. The development of the beet industry in Russia is reviewed, which has not recovered from its slump in the 1990s. By 2001 the total beet area has declined to 781,000 hectares and production to 1.6 mn tonnes. Sugar consumption has stabilized and amounts in 2001 to more than 6 mn tonnes, raw value. There are now about ten Western trade houses, who control the imports of sugar into Russia. Since 1995 Russia has tried a combination of different tariff mechanisms like seasonal duties and tariff rate quotas with a gradual increase in the level of the basic import duties on sugar to the current level of 40% to 50%. The present tariff rate system is explained in detail. In future the government plans several changes to the present system, but still giving preference to the domestic industry, which could increase production to double the present level.

Year: 2001
Volume: 126
No.: 12
Page: 966-969

Language: en

pdf download: 2001-966-969.pdf