Oxidation and carboxymethylation of sucrose and inulin

Dorine L.,Verraest;Joop A.,Peters; Herman,van Bekkum

Several methods for the conversion of inulin and sucrose into polycarboxylates are described. Oxidative methods include the glycolic oxidation which results in the formation of dicarboxy-derivatives, as well as the oxidation of primary alcohol functions using homogeneous catalysis (TEMPO-mediated oxidation) or using heterogeneous catalysis (Pt/C). Furthermore, the carboxymethylation of inulin and sucrose with chloroacetate as reagent and the possible application of the products as calcium carbonate precipitation inhibitor are discussed.

Year: 1995
Volume: 120
No.: 9
Page: 799-803

Language: en

pdf download: 1995-799-803.pdf