Advisory service for sugar beet growers

Herbert Müller, von Blumencron; Bernd, Kämmerling

Weather conditions, pests and diseases, as well as a constantly changing economic environment pose ever new challenges for sugar beet growers, regardless of their location. At the same time, pronounced quality differences persist in close proximity between good and bad farms. An advisory service therefore has to provide information tailored to specific circumstances, comprehensively, quickly and reliably, yet at minimal cost. To this end, the establishment of the Advisory Service for Sugar Beet Growers has charted a new organizational and functional course. The basic concept of the service is illustrated by its assistance in decision-making in the areas of appropriate nitrogenous fertilizer application, soil preparation, and the control tool of quality certification.


Year: 1995
Volume: 120
No.: 11
Page: 945-948

Language: de

pdf download: 1995-945-948.pdf