Process-engineering studies on the use of plate evaporators to concentrate technical sucrose solutions

Dieter, Christoph; Steffen, Kaufmann; Heiko, Kühn; Ralf, Knigge

Extensive studies were undertaken in the 1992 and 1993 campaigns on rising-film plate evaporators installed in the new evaporator stations of the Löbau and Zeitz sugar factories as the last two stages on the juice side. Following a description of the thermodynamic principles, plate evaporator specifications and monitoring programme, the paper reports the results of process-engineering studies. Presentation of the thermodynamic and technological data recorded is rounded off with a discussion of the conditions required for optimal operation of the equipment,

Year: 1995
Volume: 120
No.: 12
Page: 1027-1036

Language: de

pdf download: 1995-1027-1036.pdf