Sugar beet production with plougless soil tillage – agronomic and economic results of an on-farm trial series

Clemens, Becker; Hermann, Miller; Heinz-Josef, Koch

At 9 sites in Southern and Eastern Germany four soil tillage systems were studied in long-term field trials for their suitability for sugar beet production. Results of five sites showed that in 1994 and in 1995 no differences in root yield and white sugar yield between tillage with and without plough occurred. Only with long-term direct drilling root yield and white sugar yield decreased markedly. At single sites yield in ploughless tilled soil was in some cases higher and in some cases lower than in ploughed soil. This was mainly due to soil and climatic conditions at the site. Beet quality did not differ due to soil tillage. Variable costs showed no difference either. Ploughless tillage and direct drilling resulted in low fix costs and low labour costs. Because of the high market value of sugar beet this small cost reduction had only little influence on the economy of the various tillage systems.


Year: 1996
Volume: 121
No.: 8
Page: 609-615

Language: de

pdf download: 1996-609-615.pdf