Utilization of evaporating crystallizer vapours to heat raw juice in a new tubular heat exchanger in the Groningen sugar factory

Dieter, Christoph; Eckhard, Manzke

In the 1995 campaign, a novel tubular heat exchanger of horizontal design for the utilization of waste heat from vapours of evaporating crystallizers was put into operation in the Groningen sugar factory and subjected to extensive testing. The equipment heats all the raw juice extracted from 16,000 tonnes of beets a day. After discussing the thermodynamic principles and technical design of the heat exchanger, this paper presents the findings of the operational studies, including performance data, the external conditions required for optimal operation of the equipment, and the results from 2000 hours of operation. The heat exchanger functioned without problem on either the juice or vapour side throughout the entire campaign and produced considerable steam economies as well as relieving the condenser installation.


Year: 1997
Volume: 122
No.: 9
Page: 703-708

Language: de

pdf download: 1996-703-708.pdf