Investigations of conditions for optimum colloid coagulation in preliming of beet juice

Wolfgang, Kraus; Thomas, Stark; Mohsen, Ajdari, Rad; Werner, Mauch

This report describes results of studies of the optimum colloid coagulation in the preliming of beet raw juices. This optimization is based on a reproducible analytical method for determining the optimum coagulation point of the pectin-protein-complex, as well as knowledge of the effects of different constituents on the target pH value to be aimed for at the end of the preliming process. The velocity of the pectin de-esterification reaction which is indispensable for the coagulation with calcium and the subsequent precipitation reactions depends on the temperature. Some information on the kinetics of pectin precipitation and the effects on the quality of thin juice using different temperatures in the preliming process is presented.


Year: 1997
Volume: 122
No.: 2
Page: 91-99

Language: en

pdf download: 1997-91-99.pdf