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The 1996/97 campaign in Germany and technical innovations

History of campaign presentations – Beet yields – High sugar content in beets – Progress of the campaign – Molasses production – Estimate of molasses fermentability by chemical analysis – Measurement of molasses fermentability (fermentation tests) – Anaerobic hydrogen formation in the diffuser tower station – Identification of quality criteria for frost-damaged beets – Functioning of pressing aids in pulp pressing – Optimal employment of gypsum as pressing aid – Interference with nitrogen elimination by increased BOD load – Maintenance of the desired BOD/N ratio by nitrate dosing – Nitrification/denitrification with immobilized bacteria – Fluid-bed reactor for anaerobic waste water purification – Hydrocyclone for sludge separation in waste water treatment – Optimization of waste heat utilization by cleaning heaters – Reduction of steam losses in degassing vapours – Improvement of heat transfer by use of profiled tubes in falling-film evaporators – German sugar industry commitment to climate protection – CO2 monitoring – Reduction of electricity consumption – Production and use of slurry – Potential sources of error in two-stage footing operations – Seed crystal fondant slurry – Velocity of sound in sugar solutions

Year: 1997
Volume: 122
No.: 4
Page: 257-276

Language: de

pdf download: 1997-257-276.pdf