Report from tests on the conditions and results of work of vertical continuous evaporating crystallizer (VKT) during the juice campaign 2018

Kornel, Hulak; Jan, Iciek; Radosaw, Gruska

The operating parameters of a vertical evaporating crystallization tower (VKT) of BMA are studied to obtain a predetermined sucrose crystal size distribution. The influence of the amount and properties of the seed massecuite and the feed syrup in relation to the residence time of B massecuite in the individual VKT chambers was analyzed. Using the Autodesk Plan Design Suite software a 3D model of the VKT was developed. The theoretically determined crystal size distribution of the final product was compared with the one achieved in the factory.

Key words: vertical continuous vacuum pan, massecuite boiling, continuous sucrose crystallization, seed massecuite, crystal size distribution, residence time, RRSB distribution

Year: 2019
Volume: 144
No.: 4
Page: 188-193

Language: en

pdf download: 2019-188-193.pdf