Calculation of refractive index of light in water, glucose, fructose and sucrose solutions

Luis San Miguel, Bento

A new formula to calculate refractometric indexes nR is presented. This formula was deducted using a Planck dimension particles model developed by the author. The new formula is used to calculate nR for water and sugar solutions at various temperatures and/or wavelengths. The average differences, between calculated and known nR values were: 0.033% for water from 10 to 60°C and wavelengths between 361.05 and 632.80nm; and 0.047%, 0.029% and 0.087% for glucose, fructose and sucrose solutions, respectively at 20°C and 589.00nm, between 10 g and 40g/100g dry substance content.

Key words: refractometric index, water, glucose, fructose, sucrose

Year: 2019
Volume: 144
No.: 1
Page: 32-40

Language: en

pdf download: 2019-32-40.pdf