Microwave measuring technology for sugar industry

Ulrich, Klute

Nowadays the dry substance content of sugar syrup and massecuite is measured online using the microwave measuring technology. The available correlations allow accurate control of dry substance content and density in all areas of sugar manufacture. This permits a continuous measurement during the crystallization process, both during the concentration and the magma phase.

The measuring effect and signal analysis of microwave measurement systems are explained and the user benefits are illustrated, resulting in very good process control.

Solutions are proposed for typical application problems such as incrustation, abrasion, purity dependencies and the recognition of breaks between crystallization process using the ‘MicroPolar Brix’ measurement system. Results acquired with different sensors in various processes and applications are presented.

Besides the accurate and reliable measurement of all products from sugar beet or sugarcane, a high value is placed on simplicity, low maintenance and easy calibration to ensure optimized process control and cost. The automatic calibration feature, which requires no additional PC, is demonstrated.

Key words: microwaves, dry substance content, density, crystallization

Year: 2018
Volume: 143
No.: 10
Page: 590-594

Language: en

pdf download: 2018-590-594.pdf