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Starch and starch derivatives in technical applications

Norbert Hoffmann; Roland Beck;

Ongoing developments in the technical industries, showing an increasing demand for natural, biodegradable raw materials, have resulted in new fields of application for starch and its derivatives. A remarkable tendency towards the incorporation of natural components in polymer matrices is particularly to be noticed in synthetic polymer chemistry. Due to its stability and polyfunctionality sorbitol, a starch derived polyalcohol, is suitable to act as building block for the synthesis of polyurethanes, melamine resins and alkyd resins, thus having a positive effect on their physical and chemical properties. In construction and building chemicals glucose syrups offer various opportunities as functional components. In concrete glucose syrups are used as retarding agents to allow a delayed setting of the concrete under severe process conditions. During the production of tiles and bricks glucose syrups are added as plasticizers to reduce cracking and deformation of the clay mass. Partial replacement of urea resins with glucose syrups in particle boards results in simplified manufacturing procedures and reduced formaldehyde liberation. Starch and starch derivatives are biodegradable, non-toxic, water soluble products. Due to their reactivity and their various functional properties they will continue to open new horizons for the technical industries

Year: 1999
Volume: 124
No.: 4
Page: 275-278

Language: de

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