Energy analysis of the sugar production process using modern techniques of process integration

Luis Figueroa Ibarra; Alejandro Arriola Medellín

The application of new concepts in the energy analysis of industrial processes by considering the thermal integration of the process equipment makes it possible not only to detect potential energy recovery that cannot be visualized with the traditional treatment of energy diagnostics applied to individual equipment, but also suggests changes in the process operation which results in the reduction of external heating and cooling services (hot and cold utilities) and fuel consumption without modifying the process itself. The analysis of thermal integration is illustrated for the case of a sugar factory in Mexico. A potential of fuel use reduction of 75% and a potential of an electricity production increment by cogeneration of 41% was detected based on modifications in the use of the steam available in the process and on the change in operational parameters of the evaporator station.

Year: 2001
Volume: 126
No.: 9
Page: 707-713

Language: en

pdf download: 2001-707-713.pdf