1 Setting up

Two public limited companies – Ebro Agrícolas, S.A., and Sociedad General Azucarera de España, S.A. – and two University Departments undertook the project of creating the Centro de Tecnología Azucarera (C.T.A) with the aim of supporting R+D projects and contributing to the technological updating of the Spanish sugar sector. This centre was founded as a University Institute of the Universidad de Valladolid in May 1993, and is currently integrated into the so-called Red de Centros Tecnológicos Asociados de Castilla y León (The Castile and León Network of Associated Technological Centres).

2 Objectives

The Centro de Tecnología Azucarera (C.T.A.) is concerned with research, technological improvement and training in the sugar sector. Its basic objectives are: 1. Consolidation of a research group on process engineering. 2. Basic and applied research on some important areas for both the university and the companies. 3. Training of qualified personnel working in the university or in the companies. 4. Execution of projects, elaboration of prototypes and development of techniques suitable for technological transfer 5. Collection and diffusion of information and state of the art in sugar-related fields.

3 Organization

Chapter III (art. 7-17) of its regulations refers to the management structure of the C.T.A., which formed by a Trust, a Council and a Director to be elected every three years. The Trust is the main governing body of this centre and is maid up equally of representatives from the companies and the university – 2 members from each company and 4 university teachers. Here are some of its responsibilities:



Year: 1996
Volume: 121
No.: 9
Page: 727-728

Language: en

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