Winners of Sugar Notables 2022

The staff of Sugar Journal has announced the winners of the inaugural 2022 Sugar Notables. “We have so many outstanding individuals in our sugar industry that have done so much to improve and move the industry forward, that we felt we should let people know who the ‘best of the best’ that were selected,” said Romney Richard, publisher and editor of Sugar Journal.

Nominations were opened last year and the criteria were – length of service to industry, success in their career, contributions to the betterment of the industry in a documented way, involvement in industry organizations / activities, and demonstrated leadership characteristics.

After the nominations were in, a panel of industry leaders helped to pick the winners of each category.

Since the industry is split into different segments, six categories were identified. The winners are as follows:

Sugar Cane Grower – Jake Giardina & Ken Rodrigue (tied)

Sugar Beet Grower – John Snyder

Raw Sugar Processor – Mike Daigle

Cane Sugar Refiner – Mickey Seither

Beet Sugar Processor – Chris Rhoten

Researcher – Harold Birkett

On Saturday, July 23 a dinner at Antoine’s Restaurant (New Orleans, LA USA) will be the stage to honor these Sugar Notables.

Daniel Mosseri08.06.2022